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Pro Sesto 1913

This year we bought a stake in Pro Sesto 1913 to improve the historical team of Milan area's structure and image. We immediately worked on a new logo, new communication style on Social Media and new kit for the athletes. We also crated two innovative institutions like ProConnect and the Medical Scientific Committee which you can explore here.


Erreà is one of the key Italian players in the sport market in Italy. In the world of football the company is the official technical sponsor of Parma Calcio 1913 and national teams like Iceland. But the company is also really present in different fields like Basket and Volleyball, where they are the official technical partner of the Italian Women National team.




Santi&Santi is our partner in everything that regards Pro Sesto 1913 communications and brand image. From our collaboration Pro Sesto's new logo and new communication materials were born and immediately raised the quality of the team's perception.


7Sport Agency

7Sport Agency is a company with a great experience in commercial activities for the football world in areas such as sponsorships and event marketing. They will now be close partners of the Fan Rating project helping improving connections and commercial deals.


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