Fan Rating Moves Forward Trough Great Partnerships

New season started and new partnerships are born for Fan Rating, the only App that rewards Fans for their opinion. For the 2020/2021 season iCom's staff has worked hard to sign partnerships with Radio Rossonera, Centro Bologna Club (as we said in a previous post), Radio Nerazzurra, Radio Bianconera and Radio Bruno.

All of these partnerships are made to help improve our offer for all the Italian fans and for all the supporters of the teams we currently have on our platform.

Like for Radio Rossonera the other thematic radios will also offer to Fan Rating's users the chance to confront their own rate with the radios staffs's chosen experts. New experts are in fact coming for FC Inter with Lapo de Carlo, for Juventus Fc with the whole Radiobianconera staff and for Fiorentina users thanks to Radio Bruno and Mister David Guetta.

But it's not just about experts. We will be hosted in different shows from all these platform to let the fans know how their players are performing - thanks to data exploited by the Fan Rating App - or invite users that were announced winners to participate to the program to share their voice and listen to their opinions. These new partners will also help us creating content and news for their fans, enriching our editorial offer inside the app with exclusive content.

We have also started some different actions for our younger audiences, with partnerships with official fan pages popular on Social media platforms like @lafossamilanista or @forza.cagliari.notizie. Pages followed by 60 thousand fans that will help us have a stranger contact with everyday, high engaged fans.

Look for our next piece on Fan Rating where we will talk about our rewarding system and the Expert Rate!

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