Pro Sesto 1913: The Future is Now

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

In May 2020, iCom Sport Group bought a stake in Pro Sesto 1913, the historical club of Milan Area, to start a rebranding process and improve the club's commercial potential.

From the first days in which we helped connecting Pro Sesto's management team and Sesto San Giovanni's Mayor connect with UAE's General Consul in Italy, HE Abdalla Al Shamsi. We wanted to show the consul the potential of the area and its chances through the sport world.

The Chance of Internationalizing

“Do you see the potential? Future project planning and public works are improving even more Sesto San Giovanni's condition of strategic hub for the Milan area.”

We immediately created a rebranding strategy with our trusted partners Santi&Santi, and we both wanted to do one thing: innovate as much as possible. In order to do so effectively we had to tackle different fields and create different content, starting from the video with which we announced the new logo.

Create Experiences for Fans and Players

As you see our goal is to highlight the extreme professional diversity on which Pro Sesto's philosophy is based on. Everything will be curated differently (it's already happening on Social Media) in order to engage the Fans in a more constant, efficient way, while also improving the player's image and comfort with the team's identity. To do so we created another partnership, this time with Erreà - one of the leading brands for sport team's kits and material - whit which we created a whole new kit for the Season 2020/2021 and for the team's return in Serie C.

In our next article we will explore the other pillars of our rebranding strategy: the Medical Scientific Committee and Pro Connect. Stay tuned!

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