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Fan Rating is establishing partnerships of great value with experienced players in the world of football communication. Last time we talked about our partnerships with thematic Radio's and Fan Clubs like Radio Bianconera, Radio Rossonera, etc.

But recently we also established a great deal with the historic Radio Bruno and their program Il Pentasport, to better reach Fiorentina's supporters. But Radio Bruno will be heavily involved in the partnership with constant promotion to their 1 million listeners. This will help us reach bigger audiences, as will help the other partnership with the institution in web news for Italian football Fans: TuttomercatoWeb.

These two partnerships will help us launch our final view of the project: creating the House of the Fans where their opinion is valued and rewarded, a true collector of the Fan's sentiment and a tool to make the fan's voice interact with the key players of the whole world!

Italy's Regione Lombardia understood the power of Fan Rating with perfection and they published the results of our last surveys covering the athletes promotion of good practices against Covid - 19 after Zlatan Ibrahimovic's ad for Regione Lombardia last week!

Check it here!

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