The first step for Pro Connect

The club founded by Pro Sesto 1913 and the municipality of Sesto San Giovanni made its first step to promote actions that aim to improve the community. As a first step, the club created by iCom Sport Group, gifted hand sanitizers to students of the school with the city's Mayor Roberto Di Stefano, Pro Sesto's Vice President - and iCom Sport CEO - Amedeo Mangili and Pro Sesto's manager Francesco Parravicini.

This is the first official step taken by this club which is formed by the most important sponsors of Pro Sesto and was created to tackle 4 different fields in the community:

  • Social: All things linked to assist the city's population and solving concrete problems that affect them. We'll do so by organizing fundraising events with the sponsors and the municipality like dinners, concerts, etc. But also direct support like we did with Niguarda's Hospital during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

  • Health and Sustainability: We will create different initiatives to improve Environmental Sustainability. Sponsoring activities in schools through Pro Sesto's Medical Scientific Committee which is already operating thanks to iCom's recruited experts.

  • Sport & Innovation: This is iCom Sport's main field of action. We have a lot of room, thanks to Pro Sesto, of creating charity tournaments, conventions with university to improve the students access to sport activity. With the same goal in mind we'll create an Innovation Lab dedicated to innovative projects which will be founded by the club.

  • Culture: Through our sponsors and the city's industrial and academical players we are able to promote engaging workshops, company visits and internships. We'll also have full disposal of Pro Sesto's Stadium to create concerts and other important events for the community of Sesto San Giovanni. Stay tuned through our website and our Social Media pages to hear more about Pro Connect!

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